About Me

In Fall 2017, I began my academic career as a Ph.D student in History at Northwestern University. My research centers on questions of Black women’s literary and cultural production in the 19th and 20th century Atlantic World (with a particular focus on the United States, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom), and the role of gender, migration, and memory in the post-emancipation and post-colonial African Diaspora. I have a strong interest in how these questions interact and interplay in digital spaces, particularly on social media, microblogging sites, and forums.

Prior to entering my Ph.D program, I was involved in a number of public and digital history projects, ranging from private archives to NASA archives, to research for a Chinatown project and a California State Park, and museum work various Southern California institutions.

I received an A.S. from Sacramento City College, two B.A.’s from California State University, San Bernardino, and an M.A. in History from Northwestern University.