HIST 323 – Intro to Public History

This course introduced me to the concepts and values of the public history field. Public History encompasses a variety of heritage institutions from museums to archives to historic sites, as well as the act of being a walking tour guide or costumed interpreter, to the names of streets and the placing of plaques commemorating events or persons. Through case studies involving the Enola Gay Controversy and the planned Disney history theme park in Virginia, I developed an understanding of the uses of history and its relationship with the public (or stakeholders). I was also introduced to the inner workings of a heritage site and its relationship with memory through a trip to the Lincoln Shrine Memorial in Redlands, Calif. and the subsequent visit to a class session by its curator, Dr. Nathan Gonzales.

Key terminology: stakeholders, “do no harm,” shared authority, Section 106, CEQA

Final Paper: HIST323 – Final Paper