Museum Specialist, TVM

During my time as Museum Specialist at Temecula Valley Museum, I helped to install and remove the following exhibitions: “Cloth and Paper,” “Vibrant Bounty,” “Black History in Comics,” and the Veterans Day, Halloween and Christmas rotunda exhibits. I oversaw the special programming involved in the launch of Cloth and Paper, Christmas, and Vibrant Bounty. During the month of April, when the local 3rd graders visited to learn Temecula history, I conducted two walking tours of 20-30 students and their chaperones. I also conducted at least two Saturday morning walking tours a month. I also assisted in the coordination of the 3rd Grade History Contest. On the administration side, I assisted the Senior Museum Specialist with designing and printing information about museum exhibitions and programming, and I controlled the social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram), where I regularly used programs like Canva to create special graphics and HootSuite to schedule and maintain updates. My particularly projects involved a touchscreen exhibition about Temecula’s railroad history on an iPad–where I was introduced to the concept of researching the topic, writing a narrative, designing the layout, and installing the digital exhibition–and the planning and installment of an exhibit in the City Hall cases.

Photos coming soon