Research Assistant, Save Our Chinatown Committee

I was asked by my later adviser to join this project, which hoped to chronicle the history of Riverside’s Chinatown and its residents through archives and oral history. For four months, I visited the National Archives and Records Administration location in Perris, Calif., where I combed through at least fifty boxes of records pertaining to the Chinese Exclusion Act, from a time span of the 1880s to the 1930s. In these records contained interviews conducted with immigration officials and Chinese Americans and immigrants, photographs of the intervierwees, immigration documents, and amazing stories of how the act impacted Asian Americans and immigration to the United States. I was also involved in cultural events, such as the Chinese New Year banquets, Ching Ming Festival, and the Moon Festival, and preservation legislation. SOCC’s ultimate goal is to create a heritage park on the site of the former Chinatown, using the research unearthed at NARA.