TEI Encoder, Just Teach One: Early African American Print

First, a huge thank you to Professor Gabrielle Foreman (University of Delaware) for giving me this opportunity, and an even bigger thank you to my project manager, Molly Hardy.

From January to April of 2018, I was basically initiated into the Text Encoding Initiative, or TEI, with a crash course in actually doing the work of encoding an African American newspaper published in the antebellum period. The Weekly Anglo-African/The Pine and Palm was a abolitionist newspaper with a strong emigration slant. Not only did I learn how to encode a newspaper, but I learned a lot about early efforts to emigrate to Haiti and the importance of this island to African American communities during slavery.

You can read more about the newspaper and its history, as well as take a look at my coding: http://jtoaa.common-place.org/welcome-to-just-teach-one-african-american/weekly-anglo-african-and-the-pine-and-palm/